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Dan passed away on November 12, 2022 in Seattle. Dan’s childhood friend, Larry Gould, sent his beautiful letter sharing his life with Dan.

I am saddened to report that another of our classmates, Dan Sadler, passed away on November 12, 2022.  When my family moved into our home at 1200 Sherwood Road in 1947, Dan and his family already lived next door at 1188 Sherwood so he became the first person I ever met in what would eventually become the Class of 1963. 

Prior to kindergarten our mothers enrolled us in a nursery school in San Gabriel.  The school lunches were pretty bad, and at that time Dan was a rather finicky eater.  When the teachers basically forced him to eat everything served, Dan promptly lost his lunch – most appropriately enough, all over the teachers.  When I reported this to our mothers, they went to the school the next day, observed the “forced feeding” and promptly yanked us out.  This is rather ironic because later in life Dan and his wife had a monthly gourmet dinner club.

At SMHS Dan found his true niche with the Stage Crew.  He was one of the many inspired by Paul Clopper to participate in the theater.  He spent countless hours perfecting sets, lights and stages for many productions, including our own senior class play “Auntie Mame.” 

Following graduation he matriculated at Claremont Men’s College but soon withdrew to work fulltime on college theatrical productions.  Not too long thereafter, his parents were travelling with my parents on a round-the-world trip.  He seized the opportunity to enlist in the U.S. Army and our folks learned about his enlistment via a telegram.  Dan went on to serve several tours of duty in Vietnam.  Following his military service, he received his college degree from UCLA where he met and married his wife, Deborah Ashin.  After working a short while in Southern California, they moved to Mercer Island in Seattle where they raised their twin children, Lauren and Evan, and Deborah wrote books and restaurant reviews.  Ironically enough, Dan, the guy who at one point was a finicky eater, worked many years as the Chief Information Officer for Pizza Blends, Inc., the largest US manufacturer of custom-blended flour dough for the pizza industry.

For a dozen years Dan has been battling Parkinson’s Disease which was caused by exposure to Agent Orange during his service in Vietnam.  Consistent with his decision to serve the nation by enlisting in the Army, he is being interred at the Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, Washington.

Dan was one of the best friends I had in the Class of ’63, and having been next-door neighbors, I knew him longer than anyone else in the Class.  We had great times together, and I will miss his company and camaraderie greatly.


Paul Hoyt forwarded this message:

Begin forwarded message:
From: Susan Zimmerman <>
Date: November 29, 2022 at 11:08:15 AM CST

Subject: Rick Bliss

Paul:   Greetings.  I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving.
It is with regret that I report Rick Bliss has died.  We learned this from Krissi.  There was no obit, and it is possible that few know of this.
This happened in October.  Rick died at his apartment in the Denver area.  It was alcohol related.  We do not know other details, except that Rick had been having some issues and was divorced or separated from his second wife, Mary.
According the Krissi, Rick had been estranged from their two sons.  Sorry, but that is about all I know. It is a very sad ending. 
Hang in there.  Rick Z.

FROM Janice Huff

October 14, 2022. Just an update. Left California 43 years after San Marino High School graduation. Moved to Texas for 15 years, then in May 2022 moved again to Illinois. Doing well. First state that I’ve lived in a neighborhood where the trees turn their vibrant colors. So pretty. Happy Holidays Y’all.

60th Anniversary Celebration-

60th Anniversary Celebration-

Save the Date   Come share your life lessons and survival stories
With your former classmates
At San Marino High School’s Class of 1963’s
Saturday, July 1, 2023
6:00 p.m.
Annandale Golf Club
1 North San Rafael Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
No host morning after party
Sunday, July 2, 2023
10:00 am
At The Colonial Kitchen
Still at the same location:
1110 Huntington Drive
San Marino
Questions: Call Pam Bryan at 626.354.2243
Or email Pam at  

IN MEMORIAM: Gail Kane Hill

From Chuck Ludlam, Barbara Champion and Stephen Ross

We are sad to report that Gail Kane Hill has died. April 5. At Royal Oaks (her life care home). Chuck talked to her a few weeks ago and she was struggling with cardiac issues, diabetes, and dialysis. As usual with Gail, she had a sense of humor and was fighting to get back on her feet.

From Chuck Ludlam: I have known Gail since 4th grade. She was my longest-time friend. I will always remember Gail as a sweet, honorable, generous, and reliable person. She managed her life well through a series of management positions with small businesses. She was smart and capable. Utterly honest and good natured. Her parents both died very young from heart disease, but Gail outlived them by 25 years. She loved her daughter Allison, who is doing well and in a committed relationship for fifteen years. Gail was proud of Allison. Gail faced many challenges in her life. She was sad about that, but never bitter. I saw her in Pasadena when I was in LA for the Rose Bowl/Parade and talked with her every few months on the phone. She had a huge enthusiasm for reports of my trips and adventures. I prized her as a friend. Always cheerful, funny, loyal and lively, Gail was a good soul, fine person, and a mensch. I’ll miss checking in with her.

From Barbara Champion Zinner: I remember Gail as being extremely kind and a friendly person and always willing to help you. She was one of the first persons I met when I entered SMHS my sophomore year and she was gracious in helping me meet people and get involved in organizations. She encouraged me to try out for the drill team, which I did, and we became fast friends. Gail was funny, cheerful, had many friends and was very enthusiastic about whatever she was doing. I valued her friendship and treasured the fun moments we spent together.

From Stephen Ross: I mainly knew Gail after HS when we were working on the reunion committee. At the time she was still living in SM. We mainly talked by phone and computer. She had the cutest email address. She was always very nice and a lot of fun to be around. Will miss that smile.

From Allison Hill (her daughter): My mother was a caring mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. She loved spending time in the kitchen, creating delicious meals for her family. She gave smart dinner parties for friends and family. She was a skilled knitter and loved to share her craft. Her recent weekends were spent brunching with her daughter or lunching with friends. She had a special bond with her friends from Mirasol Dr. where she raised her family. Gail had a sense of adventure and wanderlust. Her favorite trip was to Italy where she took cooking classes in Tuscany. She and I took a road trip in Arizona where we took every scenic drive and saw every tourist attraction between Tucson and Sedona. Her sense of adventure inspired her to slide down “slide rock” in Oak Creek Canyon. This was a special trip for mother and daughter. My mother loved to read and was often in two to three books at a time. She enjoyed meeting with her book club friends at Royal Oaks Manor to discuss the book of the month. Her life at Royal Oaks Manor provided her a full schedule. She had a weekly card game and monthly dinner group. She served on several committees and enjoyed being a member of the community at Royal Oaks. It was not unheard of to reach her voicemail rather than her because she was so busy at “The Manor”. She referred to her life there as her “perpetual cruise” because of all the activities she participated in. A celebration of life will be at 10 am on Saturday May 14th at Royal Oaks Manor, 1763 Royal Oaks Dr. in Duarte, CA.

Gail’s brother Matt Jr. lives in Kalaheo Kauai. He was a member of the class of 1961 at SMHS.

Update from Tom Rook

Update from Tom Rook

I retired in 2015 after 47 years in banking as both a corporate and commercial banker.  Spent my first five years in Los Angeles and the remaining 42 years in Seattle.  Was fortunate to be involved in dealing with the airlines during deregulation, financing hotels golf courses and office buildings in Hawaii and working with a group that financed cellular towers and land line upgrades in Asian and Eastern European counties.

Barb and I currently spend our time between our house in Port Ludlow WA and our beach house in Yachats OR.  Also spend time each year in Whistler during ski season.  Barb is also a dual citizen (born and raised in Canada) so we see her family periodically in Vancouver and Kamloops.

We both have two children each and a total of eight grandchildren (7 boys and 1 girl).  The families are spread out In Virginia, Oregon and Western Washington.  Get togethers are tough to pull off.

Haven’t spent much time keeping up with classmates although I chat with Reimers periodically.

Update from Chuck Ludlam

Update from Chuck Ludlam:

SMHS was a transition for me. Indirectly it led to my 40-year public policy career. A fabulous benefit.

We all knew at SMHS that the John Birch Society controlled the school. Remember the assemblies with a world globe with red paint being poured on it? The JBS fired several principles during our four years; they weren’t anticommunist enough. Our Congressman – Rousselot – was a JBS staffer. I remember being quizzed by parents about my political views before I could date their daughter. I remember Bink Garrett, who was always way ahead in assessing political issues, founded the Inquisitor, a contrarian publication. Wow, was that prescient. Bear Stevens was a fabulous mentor, and he courageously fought the JBS. Published a highly critical book on it. The Clop was also a courageous man and mentor. I keep touch with both of them until they died; loved them both. I remember when we all read “Black Like Me,” an amazing book on racism in the South. I had two run-ins in those years; Freshman year I proposed we hold a “heaven and hell” party, which the school thought was a profane idea. Then I proposed an overnight co-ed retreat for CSF in Palm Springs. Had to go to the school board on that one. At SMHS I was a lazy, unthinking Republican. That all changed at Stanford where Bink convinced me in late 1964 that the Vietnam War was insanity. I went on to lead the antiwar movement at Stanford and go “Clean for Gene” in 1968. I organized the first protest at a Stanford graduation, which destroyed my relationship with my mother. I dodged the draft with my Nepal Peace Corps service (1968-1970); I would have refused induction. Then I had two internships on Capitol Hill (1965 and 1967) that led to 40 years in the political trenches. Ended up being the principal lobbyist for the entire biotechnology industry for eight years. In 2001-2005 I was the leader in pressing for massive investments in preparation for a pandemic; Tony Fauci was my principal opponent. Then I served for a second time in the Peace Corps, coming full circle.

So, for me SMHS was a transition. The 60s was a transition for everyone in America. Some great teachers. Some great friends. And it got me into politics as a career. All good. I am grateful for those turbulent years.


IN MEMORIAM: Robert Marston, Trip Abbott, and Ann Morrisroe

From Stephen Ross/Chris Grady:
Stephen advised that Robert Marston had passed away. I found that his Facebook page is still active, and that he passed away (possibility from Covid-19) in October 2020. I could not find an obituary- but his FaceBook link contains information. Robert Marston | Facebook

Also From Stephen Ross
Trip Abbott passed away on November 23, 2021. He is survived by his wife Ginny and I think two kids (not sure). They lived in Glendora for many years. Trip also served in the military during Viet Nam. During HS there were several times people thought that I, John Scott and Trip were brothers (never could figure that out). Trip after retiring was a driver that delivered blood to various places.

From Mary Noel Pepys:
I thought you would not only want to know that Ann Morrisroe Shenkin died on January 15, 2022, but also that, according to her obituary in the SF Chronicle, “Ann was raised in San Marino and attended San Marino High, where she was miserable.  According to her school counselor, this was because she was the smartest girl in the class.” 
Obituary link click here

Hello Classmates. Again, it has been a long dry spell between emails. And again, please feel free to contact me with anything that may be of interest to classmates. During this stressful Covid-19 time, the sense of community that this Class has is special. Don’t be shy!!  -Chris

From Paul Wehrle: Read the latest post and the obituary of Ann Morrisoe. Was especially taken by the commentary on how miserable she was in San Marino and at that school. I could echo that, as I felt my two years…thank god only two… in San Marino and at SMHS was the worst period of my life as well…a sentiment felt by many with whom I became friends. I felt it was an ultra-conservative, snooty place with a lot of rich, spoiled and entitled kids who were focused on empty materialism. Those of us who didn’t grow up there or transferred there, as I did, felt isolated and never quite in sync with the prevailing ethos. I felt I had been released from prison when I graduated and went off to UCLA and then UC Berkeley for a Master’s degree. I m sorry I never crossed paths with Ann.

2 Entire 1958-59 Huntington, 4 early Carver Class Photos- and greeting from Rev. Bill Say

Hello Classmates. Been a long dry spell between emails. Please feel free to contact me with anything that may be of interest to classmates. During this stressful Covid-19 time, the sense of community that this Class has is special. Don’t be shy!!

The Rev. Bill Say sent a brief email: Hello–

Wow, what a treat to do some trips down memory lane!  I am living with my wife, Ann, of 53 years in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, near Kansas City.  Lots of history to share, would love to reconnect with SMHS friends.


Rev. Bill Say

And Stephen Schlanser contributed several class photos: 2 photos of the entire Class from Huntington School, 1958-1959. Photo 1 and Photo 2. And then 4 more photos from Carver School: Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Pavelko, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. Wasmendorf?? Can you find yourself!!

Re. William Say


     Wow, what a treat to do some trips down memory lane!  I am living with my wife, Ann, of 53 years in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, near Kansas City.  Lots of history to share, would love to reconnect with SMHS friends.


Rev. Bill Say