From Rick Hansen

From Rick Hansen

Hi, this is Rick Hansen.

So shocked at the passing of so many classmates. Some I knew had passed and others I didn’t know had passed.

My wife and I live in Alta Loma.

I have been married for 54 years to my soulmate Janet. We have 3 kids, Randy 54, Chris 51 and Kim 50. Boys work for Costco. Daughter is a detective supervisor with the LAPD. We have 7 grandkids aging from 14 to 30. Also 3 great grandkids ages 10, 6 and 4.

I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor. Yes, you read that right. I had breast cancer but doing well.

My best to all classmates and please all stay safe.


IN MEMORIAM: Robert Marston

Classmates Stephen Ross and Val Esteva report the passing of Bob on October 28th. He succumbed to complications from Covid-19 illness. He is survived by his wife Rita, daughter Erin, and granddaughter.

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From Corey Cherrstrom

from Corey Cherrstrom:

Time to check in. Moved to Coeur d’Alene Idaho week before the 50th reunion 7 years ago with my wife of nearly 51 years. Have 3 boys, ages 47, 45, and 40 and oldest lives up here so I get to enjoy 2 grandkids who are in college. Gave up my veterinary license 2 years ago so am fully retired. Room for visitors to stay if you are in the area. We have been very blessed as always. Brian Curle and I are in nearly daily contact. Email contact with some other patriots: Battaglia, Bliss, Fyke and Baylis. Make each day count- they are running out.

From John Deamos

From John Deamos

so many classmates have passed away! I feel so fortunate to be alive at 75. I retired 5 years ago and my wife is retiring in January. We have 7 grandkids, ages 11 months to 17 years old. Two of  4 children still live in Orange County while 2 live nearby us in Central Texas. We’re in Georgetown, 35 miles north of Austin, and voted the prettiest Town Square in Texas! 

Best to all of my surviving classmates,

John & Janice Deamos

From Torun Almer

From Torun Almer

Hi! Torun Almer here. David and I are still alive here on the west coast of the Big Island.  We still have the companion-animal sanctuary here so we never have to wonder what to do every day.  Mornings are sunny and afternoons are overcast with afternoon/evening rains.  Keeps everything green, especially the weeds in the orchard.  We miss our three off-island trips/year but all-in-all this isn’t a bad place to hang out.  I am including a photo of a view from our home and a sunset photo I happen to catch.  Several HS classmates post on my Facebook account and I can keep up with their adventures.  I still wake up every morning very grateful for three things.

1.  I woke up (because you never know)
2.  David woke up (because, again, you never know)
3.  We still have hot and cold running water in our home.

After that, it’s all good.  Simple pleasures for simple minds.

From Jan Huff

From Jan Huff

Hi classmates. I’m living with a second family on a farm in Cameron, Texas. We raise and show Pygmy Goats, have cattle, chickens, dogs and barn cats. Move to Texas from California in 2007 and am loving this state. Y’all stay well!

Peggy Paradise Passes, Comments from Chuck Ludlam, Robert Marson, Ellen Olsen, Susie Moore Sadler, Sally Phillips Crawford, and Paul Hoyt! Plus Class Tidbit!

Peggy Paradise passed away on August 30, 2020. Susie (Moore) Sadler commented on Peggy’s life. Chuck Ludlam, Robert Marson, Ellen Olsen,  Sally Phillips Crawford, and Paul Hoyt commented their lives.

Interesting tidbit: Our graduating class had 308 members. We have contact information on another 35 people who attended SMHS 1959-1963 but moved and graduated elsewhere. Out of these 343 classmates, after 57 years, we do not have any contact information on only 19 (or slightly more than 5%). Wow! .If you have any contact information on Sandy Arnold Stevens, Dick Beman, John Campbell, Margery Hilleger De Lopez, Suzanne Kacirek De Lord, Jane Kenmir Deyo, Carol Knight Miner, Nancy Murphy Harrison, Darlene Ragzat Maroivish, Pam Robinson Duren, Dan Sadler, Debbie Saunders Shoemaker, Rev. Bill Say, Jon Scott, CG Simpkins, Tom Thompson, Joan Travis, Alan Williams or Bob Wood, please contact me.

News from Sally Phillips Crawford

Sally Phillips Crawford and family are all well.  I live in Tucson and we have a cabin in the mountains above our home so we are up there about 4 days a week.  We did have a big fire in June in the Catalina Mts.  Our Tucson home is high in the foothills bordering the National Forest so we evacuated to our cabin.  The fire moved away from our Tucson home and threatened the cabin village.  We had to evacuate the cabin and come home.  The firefighters worked miracles and both homes are fine.